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Our private tours are tailor made. Send us a request stating your wishes. Below you will find six tour suggestions. For more tours, please inquire.

Christiansborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace -the Royal Residence and surroundings

Rosenborg Castle & the Round Tower

Vesterbro - the Hood

Bicycle tours

Out of Town

Christiansborg Palace

The center of power and royal splendor come together on the Castle Island in the center of Copenhagen. Many dramatic events have taken place here, from royal secret affairs to the signing of the first democratic constitution. Let us show you the magnificent royal banqueting halls, the numerous copper cauldrons of the old royal kitchen, the stables, and the 12th century ruin below.
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Amalienborg Palace

The Royal Residence and surroundings
Feel the presence of the Royal Family at Amalienborg Palace on our tour of Frederiksstaden. Enjoy the magnificent equestrian statue in the center and the four buildings shaping the stringent yet beautiful plaza which forms one of the finest examples of the rococo style of architecture in Europe. Furthermore, it is home to the members of the oldest monarchy in the World, headed by Queen Margrethe II. At noon each day, you may be lucky to see the changing of the royal guards.
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Rosenborg Castle & the Round Tower

The renowned King Christian 4th transformed Copenhagen into a modern metropolis in the early 17th century. Emerging from a medieval town Copenhagen became an international merchant harbor. Let us show you his impressive renaissance style buildings and the narrow streets of the inner city. Visit the charming Rosenborg Castle, where the crown jewels are on display. The Round Tower, home to the impressive astronomic observatory from 1642, is still in operation.

Vesterbro – the Hood

Let us walk you through the hip and diverse Vesterbro, a neighborhood that shows a magnitude of moods in this former working-class area. Today people meet in folksy eateries, trendy bars, or fashionable restaurants. In the former Meat-packing District you will experience buzzing activities, ranging from creative offices, schools, art galleries and restaurants. Stories of tough living in the past mixes with modern times as new generations are moving into Vesterbro.

Bicycle tours

Let us show you our city the Copenhagen Way. On a bike. It is a fun, active and family friendly way to explore the city. And it is safe. The city of Copenhagen has developed extensive bicycle paths, bridges and even Super-Cycle-Highways for the many commuters and explorers on two wheels. Follow your Red Badge Guide, sense the atmosphere and do as the Copenhageners. There are many possibilities: See the main sights in central Copenhagen. Tour the inner Harbor with us and hear about its amazing development. Experience the Nørrebro neighborhood, home to Superkilen, a huge, award-winning urban space, created by locals, artists, and architects in 2012.

Out of Town

Let us take you to North Zealand on a day trip with Red Badge Guides.
Visit charming Elsinore town and the impressive 16th century Kronborg Castle inscripted on the UNESCO World Heritage List 2000. Get carried away by the historic events that have taken place here, just 4 kilometers from Sweden. We can also take you to Hillerød, where the beautiful Frederiksborg Castle rises on three islands on the lake. Here you will walk through the magnificent interior, through the highlights of Danish history, not to forget the spectacular baroque style garden.
Roskilde by the fjord is home to the impressive 12th and 13th century cathedral, inscripted 1995 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This and the Viking ship museum on the fjord are breathtaking places to visit.

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